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How many times have you been visiting an exciting profile on LinkedIn and wished that you could just send the user a message directly instead of going through the time-consuming process of trying to connect with them through mutual connections first? With InMail messages, you can do just that – as long as you’re willing to pay for it! This article will show you what exactly InMail messages are and how to use them, so keep reading!

What is InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is a premium messaging service for LinkedIn users that allows them to message people they are not in direct contact with InMail will enable you to send a personalized message without first sending a connection request, saving time for a connection request and searching contact information. It can be used to reach specific job candidates or experts in the field you require. 

InMail messages have a higher rate than sponsored messages. There are character limits for InMail, i.e., 200 words for the subject line and 1900 characters for the Body line. You can also send attachments with your message.

You can have up to 500 conversations in your Inbox at a time. When you send an InMail, it will be shown as unread for 48 hours and then sent to your Sent Items folder, where you can view them again. 

You will get an alert that you have sent an InMail when you click send or send too many messages at once on one account though you cannot use HTML in any message on LinkedIn.

Difference between LinkedIn Messages and InMail

Messages and InMails might look similar at first glance, but they are different. While Messages are Unlimited and Free, InMails are paid service, and the amount of InMails allowed to send is accounted for by the InMail Credits that one receives with their Premium plan.

Messages can only be sent to Direct Contacts but not to others, whereas InMails allow you to send messages to people you are not even in contact with.  The recipient will receive your message as an email, and they have seven days to respond before it gets deleted automatically. The other significant difference between InMail and Message is that while sending a message, you need to select a target audience from your network or group of connections, but sending an InMail allows you to send your message directly to anyone, including someone who has no connection with you on LinkedIn at all.

Why are InMails effective?

InMail is incredibly effective for reaching just a handful of high-touch leads. The main reason is that InMails are delivered directly to the person knowing that the message is targeted specifically to them, creating a sense of personalness. That is why InMails have a very high open rate of 85% and a clickthrough rate of 5%. While Message Ads are cheaper than InMails and are much more widespread, they come with a Sponsored tag, resulting in a much lesser open rate of 50%. It doesn’t allow leads to reply instantly to it, so adding contact information is mandatory. Getting incredibly high-touch leads, InMail is the best way.

Inmail on Linkedin

The targeted aspect of InMails makes them ideal for small businesses. They help reach high-level leads because they can be sent to you. With other social media platforms, you cannot know who will see your posts. This works well for big companies aiming for brand awareness, but not so much for small businesses that need direct responses.

How do Linkedin InMail credits work?

A LinkedIn Premium account gets you 5 InMail credits per month. A Sales Navigator account increases these credits to 20. Credits roll over for three months before being capped. Depending on your plan, you get between 5 and 150 InMail credits.

If you’re a Sales Navigator account holder, every time you qualify for an increase in your credits, it will be applied to all of your linked accounts – not just one. An individual with a basic account will only have access to their connected LinkedIn account. Suppose they are eligible for a premium increase and want those extra features on their accounts. In that case, they can upgrade that specific profile by visiting Settings -> Account & Privacy -> Account Upgrade.


Going by the monthly plan prices compared to the InMail credits, the Premium Business and Sales Navigator plan gives you the best bang for your buck at $4 per InMail credit. But if you’re not looking to spend thousands of dollars on Message Ads or hundreds of hours on manual LinkedIn InMail outreach, there is a third option. You can use LinkedIn to find leads and reach out directly via email.

The catch with LinkedIn lead generation campaigns is that it can take time to find your best leads and then reach out to them. Once you’ve built up a list of leads, you can either manually keep in touch with them or set up automated follow-up emails to send over time. With practice, it’s possible to become proficient at reaching out via email.

Choosing the Right

Choosing the lead generation approach that’s right for you will depend on your needs, budget, audience, and what you’re most comfortable with.

But here are the pointers that I find logical:

  • Message Ads are a good option when searching for a higher number of leads and want to display on a larger scale.
  • While searching for a specific skillset or high-touch leads, InMail should be considered.

If you’re on a budget, then Social ads should be considered. The idea here is to cast a wide net and go from there. And if you want to reach out to someone with a limited budget directly, use your email address or phone number and start building personal relationships.


If you’re looking to grow your professional network, using premium features such as InMail messages can be helpful. With that said, premium features are for people with connections and influence. If you don’t have any of these things yet, keep working on developing them to make use of these tools eventually! The regular messaging functions will always be available for your help, which is where most of us should focus our attention initially.

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