7 Ways to be an Awesome Visitor to Wasaga Beach

Welcome to Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach gets tons of visitors. We get them all year, but the majority come, of course, in the summer. It is Ontario’s premier beach after all and that attracts all types of folks. Young and old, short and tall, new and experienced. We also have a lot of full time residents intermingling and around […]

How to Pack / Plan for a Trip to Wasaga Beach

pet friendly wasaga Beach

We get asked all the time as our guests are preparing to come for their stay, “what do we need to bring?” Or, “can we buy ___________ in Wasaga Beach?” This is the perfect place to get the answers! We know the town really well and we know our Wasaga Beach cottage rentals really well. […]

Beach Drive is Open and Why that’s Good

Beach drive Wasaga

You might be reading about this and thinking, Beach Drive is just a small street. Who cares that much?! What’s the big deal, Wasaga Beach? Jack Canfield, the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books told a story (I’ll paraphrase for brevity). “A man was strolling on a beach and witnessed another man strolling, […]

Airbnb Wasaga Beach or Book Direct? The Insider View

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In the last 5 or 6 years, we have noticed a huge change in bookings made through booking .com, VRBO, a million other 3rd party sites and Airbnb Wasaga Beach instead of direct bookings. In fact, it has got so popular now that instead of someone saying, “hey, let’s rent a Wasaga Beach hotel room,” […]

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

Things to do in Wasaga Beach

During COVID times there weren’t many things to do in Wasaga Beach except for hittin’ the beach. Now that it is back to normal, more events are happening and people are coming out of the woodwork. 2022 was a decent summer, but things were still slow to pick up.  With summer 2023 on the horizon […]

Wasaga Beach Hotel / Motel OR Cottage? A Deep Look

wasaga beach hotel

There are so many choices of accommodations when coming to beach or ski towns. What do you choose? A cottage or a Wasaga Beach hotel / motel? For example, Wasaga has primarily cottages / cabins and motels. You often come from out of town to Wasaga, so with all the options, it is easy to […]